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Hajrul yahood bhasma (Lapis judaicus) is a fossilized mineral powder that contains silicate of lime. It has diuretic and lithontriptic properties and helps normal flushing of urine.

3 Medical Services and Clinical Trials.Research and Development.The Himalaya Drug Company.Bangalore.India.

Cheap cystone prospect study on rats showed that it helps to reduce formation of calcium.oxalates.and phosphates which lead to stone formation. 7.

As a dietary supplement Cystone assists the kidneys and urinary tract in normal functions. It cheap cystone prospect normal absorption and utilization for an overall healthy urinary tract.

Cystone has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that can help stop the recurrence of urinary tract infection. Also.because it can normalize the acidic can relieve burning urination. Because it can also lessen the concentration of the substances that can cause the formation of stones in the urinary tract and aid in expelling them from the body.this wonder drug can also stop the recurrence of urinary tract stones. For people who need to undergo treatment cheap cystone prospect of urinary tract stones.Cystone can help them by acting on mucin.the gummy substance which binds the small particles together.breaking the stones inside the urinary tract.

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